Wild Hybrid Clouser Family

Wild Hybrid Clouser Family
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After three plus years of searching for a synthetic fiber that could be used in the tying process of the Clouser Minnow. Bob was looking for a material that would not mat or foul up on the fly after a few uses. He also needed the material to be as effective catching fish as the deer tail fibers he was now using. He was also looking for a material that would hold its shape in the water and not trail behind the hook like a piece of rope. His preference of materials settled down to one choice, Steve Farrars (SF Flash Blend) Why? It caught the most species of fish, can be straightened out after some matting or tangling from the teeth of fish. By the way Bob, “States; that after 20 plus bass on the same fly what does it matter if some tangling occurs”. His use of deer tail fibers and the (SF) Blend in the Wild Hybrid Clouser's creates the flash given off of an escaping or struggling bait fish.

Length of flies are approximately 4 and ½ inches long and have 1/30 size eyes attached. Ideal for 8 weight rods and up.

Wild Hybrid Clouser's are available in Size 1 only
Price per each $4.99