UV2 Clouser Minnows

UV2 Clouser Minnows
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Product Description

Tied with a new product (UV2 Dyed Deer Tails) from Spirit River Inc. Bob has caught over 7 species of fresh water fish on the same fly in two days of use including Musky, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Pike, Walleye, Rock Bass and Sunfish. The materials become luminescent thus making the fly glow in the water. Many saltwater species were also caught. The fly out performed standard materials when used in off-color water including Tannic Acid. These flies are tied on Partridge Hooks for lasting durability and sharpness. They may be used in saltwater or freshwater.

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Sizes 1 and 2/0 come with 1/30 metallic eyes, size 4 has 1/50 metallic eyes. Specify hook size and color combination when ordering.

Color Combinations Description
UV102 Olive/White
UV103 Olive/Chartreuse
UV104 Olive/Orange
UV105 Chartreuse/White
UV106 All White
UV107 Chartreuse/Orange
UV108 Olive/Copper/Orange (Copper Country)