Click to enlargeLefty's Bug (With Rubber Legs)

One of the most effective Popping Bugs ever designed, wide flat bottom for a more meaty profile and a slanted face for outstanding noise and water disturbance. It is easy to cast and tracks to target. This BUG is also weighted for maximum water disturbance and a large profile while setting in the water’s surface film. This design is ideal for a pop and stop retrieve. It is one of the best designs for imitating large insects. Lefty's Bug can be twitched or just plain dead drifted to fool large wary fish. Lefty's Popper comes with a non-yellowing clear epoxy finish.

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Specify color combination (solid or combination). Available with double weed guards add $1.00


Solid Color Combinations
LB11 Solid White
LB12 Solid Black
LB13 Solid Yellow
The colors below are air brushed for a natural look.
LB14 Red faded to White
LB15 Orange faded to White
LB14 Red faded to White
LB16 Red faded to Yellow
LB17 Orange faded to Yellow
LB18 Brown faded to White
LB19 Olive faded to White
LB20 Chartreuse/Yellow with Orange Lip

LB$5.95Color Combinations: 

Lefty's Bug with Weed Guard
Color Combinations: