Clouser's Swimming Leach - Bead Head
Clouser's Swimming Leach - Light Weight
Clouser's Triple Threat Series
Clouser’s Bright Head Leach
Clouser’s Crayfish Dubbing
Clouser’s E-Z Foam Cylinders
Clouser’s E-Z Foam Cylinders - Small
Clouser’s Sea Urchin
Clouser’s Sparkle Grubb
Collectible & Gift Items
Commemorative Fly Box
Corporate Partners
Darter Assortment - Clouser Darters
Deer Tails - Clouser Select
Dumbbell Painted Lead Eyes
Fly Assortments
Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth in Rivers and Streams
Flyfishing Schools
Freshwater Clouser Floating Minnow Head Making Kit
Freshwater Flies
Frog Poppers
Fur Collar Bunny Clouser’s
Furry Foam
Hen Mallard Flank Feathers
Honey Dun Hackles
Hosted Trips
Hybrid Flies
Instruction - DVD & Book
Krystal Flash
Leader Butt Kits
Lefty Kreh & Bob Clouser On Fly Fishing for Bass DVD
Lefty's Bug (With Rubber Legs)
Long Deer Tails - Clouser Select
Metallic Eyes
Metallic Wire
No Name
Peacock Herl
Permit and Bonefish Assortment - Clouser's Saltwater Crab
Pheasant Tail
Photo Gallery
Rabbit Fur Strips
Rabbit Fur Strips - Cross Cut
Red and White Hackle Fly
Red Fox Tail
Redfish and Speckled Trout Assortment - Bendback Clouser Minnows-Weedless Applications
Redfish and Speckled Trout Assortment - Clouser Minnows

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