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Clouser Series fly rods from Temple Forks Outfitters (TFO)

Bob re-designed the 8ft 9 inch fly rod into a 9 footer that is lighter-stronger and faster. It is available from 5 weight thru a 10 weight. Bob ask our rod designer for a longer rod capable of lifting a long line from the surface with power to spare. So we increased the length without sacrificing the tapers that allow for easy casting. This series is an all-around rod that will satisfy the salt and fresh water anglers. The butt section power is perfect for delivering big flies, bugs and poppers to all species of fish. The 5 and 6 weight is capable of delivering the tiniest fly with accuracy and presentation to any wary trout. The 7 and 8 weight is a superb rod for fresh or saltwater use when fishing for fresh or salt water species, excellent bass and bonefish choice. The 8 weight feels more like a 6 weight in hand due to its lightness. The 8 is also Bob's favorite smallmouth and salt water flats fish species fly rod The 9 and 10 weights with the proper salt water reel will stop an Albacore in its tracks. The series allows ease when casting weighted lines and flies.

The four piece design ensures it's going to travel easy and the 4 sections will go together with no hassle because there is line-up dots on each section and they are color coded for each rod size… mix ups at the stream side.

The Clouser series and all TFO fly rods and reels carry a lifetime No Fault Warranty. A $30 (USD) fee covers repairs and the shipping back to your door. See theTFO warranty and repair information on the TFO Rods website for full details.

Set up the new Clouser Rods with either a BVK reel for the fresh water usage and our new Atoll fly reel for salt water use and you will experience a whole new level of performance.

* Available in six weights * Priced from $199.95 to $219.95 each * Free US Priority Mail shipping included for orders shipped to addresses in the United States

Series TFO Fly Rods TFO-Clouser

Clouser Series Fly Rod from TFO - 5 weight TFO-05904C$209.95
Clouser Series Fly Rod from TFO - 6 weight TFO-06904C$219.95
Clouser Series Fly Rod from TFO - 7 weight TF0-07904C$219.95
Clouser Series Fly Rod from TFO - 8 weight TFO-08904C$219.95
Clouser Series Fly Rod from TFO - 9 weight TFO-09904C$229.95
Clouser Series Fly Rod from TFO - 10 weight TFO-10904C$229.95