Clouser's Ultra Wire

Clouser's Ultra Wire
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Product Description

Clouser's Ultra Wire
We found the Ultra Wire to be among the finest copper wire in texture and color that can be used for wire nymph bodies. We stock it in two sizes--Brassie and Medium, the Brassie can be used on hook sizes from 16 thru 22, This size is extremely popular for fly designer John Barr's, Copper John.

Medium is very useful on hook sizes 10 thru 14. We found these two sizes of Ultra Wire to be very effective for all trout species. Nymphs and Larva made from Ultra Wire are our favorites for tail-water fisheries. It is the go to fly when used as a dropper under a dry fly.

120-amber 509-fl.chartreuse
056-red metallic
100-black 042-ginger 041-tan
  047-brown 072-green metallic 001-white
  033-copper 089-olive 052-wine metallic
  034-copper brown 103-pink  

Size : Medium and Brassie

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