Click to enlargeClouser's Precision Frog

Designed to portray the silhouette, resting position and the wake action of a swimming frog. When the fly is at rest only the eyes and the nose portion remains above the water’s surface. The knot used to tie the fly to the leader that allows the fly to move freely is Lefty's Non Slip Loop Knot. It casts and fishes with ease.

Two colors are available Olive and Rust Brown. A "one size fits all" for all adult size fish. Coated fly provides extra durability. Designed for casting with 7 weight and up fly lines and rods.

Order the double weed guard version for use in heavy cover.

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Clouser's Precision Frog with Weed GuardSame frog described above with the addition of the double weed guards allowing for use in heavy cover.