Clouser Minnow - Saltwater

Clouser Minnow - Saltwater
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Product Description

Our most popular saltwater streamer fly. All with epoxy protected heads, metallic eyes and appropriate flash material.

Specify hook size and color combination.

Color Combinations Description
S10 Silver Shiner Gray back, white belly
S20 Golden Shiner Tan back, white belly
S50 Chartreuse/White Chartreuse back, white belly
S60 Chartreuse/Yellow Chartreuse yellow back, Chartreuse green belly
S80 Blue/White Blue back, white belly
S90 White White back, white belly
S13 Red/White Red crest/White back, white belly
S30 Olive/White Olive back and white belly
S70 Olive/Yellow Olive back and yellow belly