Clouser Minnow (The Original)

Clouser Minnow (The Original)
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Product Description

Our most popular streamer fly used for over 86 species of fish. All with epoxy protected heads, 1/50 size metallic eyes and appropriate flash material.

Specify color combination and hook size.

Color Combinations Description
001 Silver Shiner Gray back, white belly
002 Golden Shiner Tan back, white belly
003 Sculpin Brown back, orange belly
005 Chartreuse/White Chartreuse back, white belly
006 Chartreuse/Yellow Chartreuse yellow back, Chartreuse green belly
013 White White back, white belly
014 Red/White Red crest/White back, white belly
015 Baby Smallmouth Brown back, green middle, white belly
016 Black All black
026 Olive/White Olive Back and white belly
028 Olive/Yellow Olive back and yellow belly
032 Dark Blue/White Dark blue over white