Clouser EZ Popper

Clouser EZ Popper
Item# EZP
Color Combinations: 
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Product Description

A durable Popper. This is a round body popper with a slanted back for more sure fire hooking ability and a slanted face for greater popping action. They are also weighted of which adds more noise when landing on the waters surface. The weight also balances the popper for easier pick up when picking off the water during the cast. These poppers are great when using the pop and stop method of retrieve. They are also coated with a clear non-yellowing epoxy for long lasting durability. The popper has a 1/2 inch wide face (as shown in the picture) and tail fibers are affixed so there is less to no fouling during use.

Click the image to enlarge and view details. Available with double weed guards for an additional $1.00 each.

Specify color combination. MADE IN THE USA.

Color Combinations
EZP20 Solid White
EZP21 Solid Black
EZP22 Solid Yellow
The colors below are air brushed for a natural look.
EZPA23 Red faded to White
EZPA24 Orange faded to White
EZPA25 Red faded to Yellow
EZPA26 Orange faded to Yellow
EZPA27 Brown faded to White
EZPA28 Olive faded to White
EZPA29 Chartreuse/Yellow with Orange Lip



Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
Color Combinations: