Clouser's Krystal Flashtail Popper

Clouser's Krystal Flashtail Popper
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Product Description

The Krystal Flashtail Popper is also a unique design in popper building. The body is specifically weighted so there is more pop and plop that many fish prefer. This design sets low in the surface film and not on top of it. The flash materials give off the many colors of various baitfish that struggle when hurt or feeding when they are on the surface. The face of the popper is inch in diameter and it has a size 1 hook. This one size attracts fish of all sizes plus the big boys.

A weed guard may be added for .49 cents each, please specify weed guard when ordering.

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Order # Color Combinations
KFTP21 White
KFTP22 Black
KFTP23 Chartreuse
KFTP24 Yellow
KFTP25 Red