Clouser's Hula Girls (Short Skirt)

Clouser's Hula Girls (Short Skirt)
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Product Description

This is a suspender style fly designed for big fish. Muskie, Pike and Big Bass love this pattern. The fly is unweighted and can be used on floating, sinking or intermediate fly lines.

When used on a floating line the slow sinking properties of the fly allow it to suspend and sink very slowly. The flash-tail simulates the action of the deadly spinner bait. The bulb type head pushes water causing the materials of the entire pattern to have a swimming motion. It is unweighted and easy to cast on 9 weight and up fly rods. The 5 to 6 inch in length patterns can be used on an 8 weight fly rod. Partridge style 3/0 hooks are used for the fly.

The last five seasons this fly pattern has earned a place in our fly boxes as a big fish fly.

Two lengths are offered, 5 to 6 inches or 8 to 9 inches.
Available Colors:
HGS21 - White
HGS22 - Orange/White
HGS23 - Pink/White
HGS24 - Red/White
HGS25 - Fluorescent Yellow/White
HGS26 - Chartreuse/White
Please specify desired length and color when ordering.