Clouser's Hula Girls (Long Skirt)

Clouser's Hula Girls (Long Skirt)
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Product Description

Designed to entice big toothy fish as well all other large species. Unweighted and can be used on floating, sinking or intermediate fly lines. Hooks are Partridge style 4/0 size hooks. This fly is also designed as a slow sinking suspender pattern if used on a floating fly line. The large bulb type head pushes water creating a turbulence that will create a swimming motion to the materials of the fly pattern. Muskie, Pike and Big Bass have been caught with this fly.

The length of the fly is 8 to 9 inches in length.

Recommend fly rod weights for this pattern are 9 weight and up.
Available Colors:
HGL11 - White
HGL12 - Red/White
HGL13 - Fluorescent Yellow
HGL14 - Red/Black
HGL15 - Pink/White
HGL16 - Chartreuse/White