Click to enlargeClouser's Flash Tail Poppers

The new Flash Tail Popper has design changes new to popping bug development, The main change is a weighted body that allows the popper to settle in to the surface film and not just on top of it. This allows for more pop and plop that attracts most species of fish. Lots of flash adds life to the pattern. The Silicone legs add to its movement. The popper body has a inch face and carry's a size 1 hook. Smallmouth and Largemouth bass along with other surface feeding species are attracted to this fly.

A weed guard may be added for .49 cents each, please specify weedless when ordering.

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Order # Color Combinations
FTFP12 White
FTFP13 Yellow
FTFP14 Chartreuse
FTFP15 Black