Click to enlargeClouser's Custom Floating Minnow

Designed to cast and fish easily. They sit in the water's surface with the eyes and the nose above the water line. Very similar to a feeding or struggling baitfish.

Available in 2 hook and head sizes, a #6 head comes with a Partridge 2/0 ACS hook and a #4 head comes with a Partridge ACS 3/0 Hook. These hooks can be used in either fresh or salt water. Although they can be cast with six weight rods and upward with the proper leader weight and length, eight weight lines and rods are a preferred choice. The foam heads are coated for durability.

Double weed guards may be added for a cost of $1.00 more.

Available Color Combinations:
CCFM 014 Red and white
CCFM 015 Orange and white
CCFM 016 Yellow and white
CCFM 017 - All Black
CCFM 018 - White and Chartreuse

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Clousers Custom Floating Minnow with Weed GuardSame great Clouser Custom Floating Minnow with the added Weed Guard option.