Clouser's Bend Back Half and Half Series

Clouser's Bend Back Half and Half Series
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Product Description

After 6 years of trial and error we finally found the right hook and combination of two tying styles, Lefty’s Deceiver and the Clouser Minnow. The pattern uses materials that enable the light line fly fisherman a chance of using a variety of sizes of streamers lightly weighted for action and with added movement for enticing strikes. The Partridge Hook CS54/SS of which will be soon available in the bent form proved to be outstanding in hooking ability. This series utilizes deer tail fibers and quality hackles along with various flash materials. Not to mention this style of tying allows the fly to be 99 percent weedless.

We have two sizes available size 1 is 3 ¾ to 4 inches and the size 4 is 2 ½ to 2¾ inches in length. All sizes can be used on 5,6 and upward of fly line weights.
Available Color Combinations:
BBHH 02 Snow White
BBHH 03 Black Beauty
BBHH 04 Olive Sculpin
BBHH 05 Golden Shiner
BBHH 06 Chartreuse
BBHH 07 Chartreuse and White
BBHH 08 Chartreuse and Yellow
BBHH 09 Red and White
BBHH 11 Baby Brown Trout
BBHH 12 Baby Rainbow Trout
BBHH 13 Salmon Smolt