Bendback Clousers

Bendback Clousers
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Product Description

After Lefty Kreh introduced the Bendback Streamer, it has become an effective pattern for both salt and freshwater conditions. The design of the fly makes it virtually weedless.

It can be fished through grass, and over logs or rocks without snagging. This fly can be easily cast on 6 wt. lines and up. It is tied on stainless steel hooks and can be used in fresh or saltwater.

Specify hook size and color combination.

Color Combinations Description
BC41 Silver Shiner Gray back, white belly
BC42 Golden Shiner Tan back, white belly
BC43 Chartreuse/White Chartreuse back, white belly
BC44 Sculpin Brown back, orange belly
BC45 Chartreuse/Yellow Chartreuse yellow back, Chartreuse green belly
BC46 Red/White Red back, white belly
BC47 White White back, white belly
BC48 Baby Walleye Brown back, tan belly